Tuesday, 3 September 2013

How might Murray's success inspire our sporting culture?

There is little question of Andy Murray being British and his 2013 Wimbledon victory being a success for tennis fans across Great Britain and Ireland. Moreover history will always record his triumph as British - just take a look at Joshua Pim, for example, in the list of Wimbledon men's singles champions. Pim was himself Irish, born and bred in the now Republic of Ireland before it became independent. Yet although his biography shows his nationality with the St Patrick's Cross his Wimbledon titles are shown with the Union Jack.

 The image we've dreamed of for eight years
We all remember the fuss made after Alex Salmond 'photo-bombed' David Cameron but Salmond was keen to make the point that this was Scotland's first Wimbledon victory since Harold Mahony in 1896. If Andy Murray had been from the Republic of Ireland and the Taoiseach had unfurled the Irish tricolour above David Cameron then commented on him being the first Irish champion since Joshua Pim nobody would have criticised him for that whatsoever. Cameron might have been mildly embarrassed but nothing more. So Alex Salmond's flag waving was only as bad as the mere idea of politicians waving flags at Wimbledon.